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Window Cleaning, High Level Cleaning, Support Services, Property Maintenance.

Restoration made simple.

A deep clean is all thats needed to revive your property to its former glory.

Roof Cleaning.

Say goodbye to Moss, Lichen, Mildew and more!

Chemical applications will not only remove these build ups, but continue to keep your roof clean for long periods of time.

Window Cleaning.

Properties, shops, commercial, residential.

Rope Access.

Rope Access Contractors.

Property maintenance.


Glazing | Inspections | Repointing | Painting | Netting | Leak Proofing

Suspended Installation

An alternative to complex scaffolding.

Safety Netting

Safety/debris netting for glazing replacement and more…

Leak Repairs

Leak proofing via rope access and specialist paint application.

McEvan Services

Simple Effective Solutions

With our extensive experience, McEvan Services are able to supply a vast range of problem solving solutions, competitive pricing and peace of mind.