Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Rope Access or Roof Repairs, we have you covered.


Window Cleaning

McEvan services provides high quality window cleaning services whether you have a large property, a small business or you are looking to fulfil a facilities management contract. We can help.

General Maintenance

Another area of works we cover is general maintenance this may include: High level repairs using cherry pickers (MEWPs), gutter cleaning, roof repairs, leak detection, inspections, cladding repairs, brickwork repairs and more…

Specialist Cleaning

As with our window cleaning service we also carry out various specialist cleaning this includes; pressure washing, chemical cleans, roof restoration, cladding restoration and more…

Rope Access

Rope access is a big part of our repertoire with window cleaning. But also a great alternative to scaffolding. We are able to effectively carry out repair works, painting, cleaning, inspections and more. This can be a huge benefit where by access is difficult and a simpler solution to traditional method access require more time effort and cost. Safety is also bonus.

Roof Cleaning

We offer many solutions to combat the build up of organic matter. From a simple removal of moss to full restoration bringing your roof back to a near new finish. We can accommodate to your specifications. We also take into consideration the longevity of our services and advise against high pressure washing. Soft-washing techniques maintain the roof tiles protective layer and will extend the time before organic matter makes a come back!

Health and Safety

Health and safety is our number 1 priority. All works carried out will be subject to strict health and safety assessments. You can rest assure a high standard of safety measures will be adhered to where possible.



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